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Big Apple Funeral Services Inc. specializes in NY cremation services including direct cremations, combination viewing services at a funeral home followed by cremation.

Direct cremation in Brooklyn is where one of our licensed Funeral Directors picks up your loved one from the place of death and brings them directly to the crematorium for the cremation service. With a direct cremation, there is no viewing at a funeral home. However, family is welcome accompany the Funeral Director to the crematorium if you would like to. This allows the family to say goodbye to their loved one in the crematorium and witness the cremation process.

Big Apple Funeral Services Inc. also offers cremation with a viewing service. A viewing can be held at a funeral home followed by the cremation service. This allows family and friends to have a traditional way to say goodbye to their loved one. The cremation service is held separately, and your loved one’s ashes can be brought back to you, if you would like to keep them.

Big Apple Funerals Inc. also offers secondary services including burial services in NY and placing your loved one’s remains in an urn or spreading your loved one’s ashes at sea. There are strict regulations around this and is done under the supervision of a licensed Funeral Director. Our ash spreading services provide you with a certificate, indicate the latitude/longitude coordinates of where your loved one’s ashes were scattered.

If you found local cremation service in Brooklyn, NY you can simply put a query “cremation services near me” and you may get different cremation service provider nearby you also you can get information regarding direct cremation in Brooklyn, NY. Feel free to contact us for different types of cremation services in Brooklyn, NY our professionals are eagerly waiting to help you.

We work with all the local crematories to give you the option of choosing the right one for you. When needed, we will work with other funeral homes and crematories in other areas to provide you with compassionate services. We can also work with other funeral homes out of city or state, to bring your loved one back to you. In addition, your loved one’s ashes can be shipped anywhere in the continental US and internationally. The shipping of ashes after cremation can be difficult with the paperwork and other requirements. Our Funeral Directors have the knowledge and expertise to make this a smooth process. Big Apple Funeral Services’ focus is to help you through this challenging period and alleviate the burden of these often difficult choices.

Our experienced Funeral Directors can handle every aspect of a cremation and can be arranged in the comfort of your home.  Big Apple Funeral Services Inc. can send a funeral director to your home to gather information, complete paperwork and finalize the cremation services that are right for you. Big Apple Funeral Services Inc. is also completely digital and all arrangements can be facilitated electronically and payment can be made online.

With a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and additional services for your cremains we will help provide a respectable resting place for your loved one.


Our NY Cremation Services Locations: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Newark.


Services Break Down Per Service
Direct Cremation Break Down
$600 Services
$50 Alternative Container
$40 Burial Permit
$15 Per certified copy 1st copy complimentary
Crematory charges $180 – $450