The right funeral home in NY can make a big difference when you are dealing with the passing of a loved one. You should choose a funeral home in Brooklyn that offers courtesy, compassion and respect to you and your family.

Our experienced Funeral Directors will sit with you, in person or via phone to talk you through the process and your options. Big Apple Funeral Services NY can be your choice to help with the funeral services best suited for you and your loved one’s final journey.

A funeral service is filled with many emotions and memories and we can help prepare your family for this time. Big Apple Funeral Services NY will help you choose the right service to commemorate your loved one’s memory.

We offer a large selection of caskets so that your loved one’s final resting place represents tranquility and peace. Our knowledgeable professional courteous staff, and expert funeral technicians that can help preserve and present your loved on in a professional and dignified manner.

Our Funeral Directors are knowledgeable about different customs from various cultures that you can elect to perform on your loved one, if you wish. Big Apple Funeral Services works with several local establishments so that these customs can be performed in a timely manner.

A viewing can be scheduled at your convenience and at different times. The viewing can be combined with religious services and also with cremation or burial. We work with local religious officiants who can be part of the funeral service Or we are happy to utilize an officiant of your choice to perform the service.

Big Apple Funeral Services has worked with cemeteries all around the tri-state area and can help you select the right cemetery for your loved one’s resting place. Our staff will handle all required paperwork to be able to bury your loved one at the cemetery of your choice. In the circumstance where your loved one needs to be transported either to the local area or to another location after service, our experienced Funeral Directors are able to transport long distances or ship your loved one to another state or country. Big Apple Funeral Services Inc specializes in US and international shipping including all of the required paperwork needed to accommodate the shipping.

We at Big Apple Funeral Services pride ourselves in helping the bereaved have the services catered to their beliefs and requirements. With knowledge of all faiths and customs, we will provide you with compassionate services that you can rely on.

Our Funeral Services Locations in NY: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Newark.

PRICING of  Itemized Services:

Removal $475     All the following price options  

Embalming (autopsied $50 extra)$500 Include all the itemized services 

Dressing & Casketing $125Listed and choice of 4 Different  

Cosmetics $90Casket Models For a price of $4590. 

Basic Arrangements $500Second Tier of Caskets 4 models ` 


Supervision for Visitation $250Price will be $4990. 

Supervision for Funeral $250Third Tier of Casket 4 models 

Visitation one day $795will be $5,390. 

Hearse Local within 17 miles $425  

Prayer cards (100) $50 

Register Book (1)$25  

Acknowledgement Cards (100) $35  



Casket ( If not from one of our discounted models)Outer Vault 

CemeteryChurch (Rabbi/Pastor/Priest) 

Pallbearers $50 eachLady Attendant $125 

Death certificates $15 each Burial Permit $40 

Limo local $425 long distance $450Direct Cremation $855