Cremation Services NY – 3 Main Reasons to Choose Cremation Service

Cremation is the option when you lost any of your loved one or you are planning for your eventual passing. The process of cremation services in Brooklyn NY involves the complete conversion of the body into ashes in a crematorium furnace. Several benefits that can make people choose cremation services in NY are as follows:

1. Cost Effective: The first thing that came in mind is the cost involved in the funeral. There can be a significant price difference between traditional burial and cremation, but the basic service fee will not be much different. Although there are differences that affect final price. Embalming preparation is one that is used in burial, but does not require in cremation. Casket type will also be an important factor to determine the final cost of expenses. The expenditure range depends on services like flower, funeral service and casket, etc. The more the services you add, higher will be the expenditure.

2. Flexibility: Generally people appreciate flexibility with the schedule of memorial services. You can have a variety of options when you decide to go with NY cremation services. A funeral can be scheduled before the process and a memorial service can be scheduled after the process. It is a good idea to have family assembles for cremation at the time of the process. People belong to your family may appreciate this gathering. You also have several options with the remains. Human Remains can scatter the ashes or keep them in a special urn. Some people often prefer to purchase location for remains interment.

3. Environment-Friendly: Awareness towards environment leads people to choose cremation services in NY as their first choice. Materials used to build caskets, toxic chemicals used during embalming can affect the environment negatively. Use of hardwoods or metal materials for caskets slows down the decomposition process of the casket as well as natural decomposition of deceased. The Embalming fluids used to prepare burial deceased will end up in the soil after the completion of the burial process. As these chemicals are carcinogenic, they may travel to nearby waterways and mix in the water supply.

So, the above differences show how cremation services in NY can be a good option for you on your loved one’s final journey.